Our Story

As a first generation Indian-American, I love finding ways to integrate my heritage into everyday life and believe it’s important to celebrate & share our South Asian roots in modern ways. Mithaier was born out of my passion to bring together two things I love -- American desserts & South Asian sweets. By combining these two worlds, we can add a touch of culture to our everyday celebrations, while also sharing the tradition of South Asian sweets with people who may have never experienced it before.

Just as chocolatiers have continued to evolve the art of chocolate, Mithaier reimagines traditional mithai for everyone to experience and enjoy.

Save room for something sweet,


Meet Sandhya

Sandhya Pathak is the Founder & Owner of Mithaier. After graduating from Babson College, she built her career in advertising, developing marketing campaigns for global brands at prominent ad agencies in NYC and LA. While Sandhya's advertising career was thriving, she realized she wanted to explore her passion for food and combine the creative and business worlds in a whole new way.

Having always been enamored with the beauty, art, and science of sweets, Sandhya stepped away from the corporate world in the Fall of 2016 and enrolled in a professional baking program. Simultaneously, she taught herself the ins & outs of making South Asian sweets. Months of experimenting in the kitchen brought the two schools of thought together and Mithaier was born.